From Our Clients

Bottom line is, we just couldn’t function without Cox Sherlock being as thorough as they are. We have a complicated structure so we really do rely on them to know their stuff. Cox Sherlock work hard to understand our business and that means we get the best, tailored, advice.

They are very approachable and personable and we actually enjoy meeting up with them. We can tell that they really care about our business and have our best interests at heart; that means there is a lot of trust.

                    Kylie Gibson, Business Manager, Fisher Family Practice, Holder Family Practice, Fisher Allied Health

There are two things you need from an Accountant. One, they need to be responsive to your issues and two, they need to know their stuff. That’s Cox Sherlock to a tee and the reason I’ve been with them for over 20 years.

All the staff I have interacted with, over that time, have been effective, productive and gotten on with things quickly. As an owner of a complex and busy business, that means I can get back to concentrating on my business. It also means a great deal of trust has been built up and that is important to me.

                    Jon Moyes, Millpost Technologies

As dealers for Isuzu and Kenworth, it is very important that we are able to meet the accounting requirements outlined by our manufacturers. Cox Sherlock always make sure we are able to. They are very thorough and ensure everything is done to a high standard. That is really important and gives me great peace of mind.

We always feel like we can pick up the phone because there is always someone to help. The ability to contact someone when we need to is crucial for our business.  As our customer base are generally business owners themselves, they often have accountancy based questions during the sales process. Cox Sherlock’s broad accounting knowledge across a vast number of industries ensures we can answer a lot of our clients questions immediately.

                     James Gildea, Canberra Trucks

When I catch up with the team at Cox Sherlock, it never really feels like I am catching up with an Accountant. Instead, it feels like I am catching up with someone who really cares about my business and, just as importantly, me personally. It is certainly not a chore!

I often pester them with small questions, as they randomly come to me, and they always come back quickly with a straightforward and easy to understand answer. I am not sure I could have grown my business to what it is today without their guidance.

                    Daniel Oyston, Content Grasshopper